Sky Foreign News - Who is Theresa May? A profile of the Conservative leader

Who is Theresa May? A profile of the Conservative leader
Theresa May became Britain's second female prime minister last July but, unlike her predecessor Margaret Thatcher, she came to power without winning an election.
The Conservative leader aims to put that right on 8 June by convincing voters that she is the tough, competent leader the country needs to steer it through difficult times.
A Conservative colleague once called her "a bloody difficult woman", when he thought no-one was listening, and she now wears that description as a badge of honour. Others have described her as "rigid" and "inflexible".
But until she moved into Downing Street, following the resignation of David Cameron, she was, in truth, something of a mystery, even to many in her own party.
She is an intensely private politician, by modern standards, and has rarely opened up about her personal feelings or beliefs.
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Celebrating her elevation to the Tory leadership with husband Philip
Like Mr Cameron, she had been against Brexit but she cleverly managed to keep the Eurosceptics in her party on side during the referendum campaign by keeping a low profile.
She reaped her reward by emerging as the unchallenged successor to Mr Cameron, as other potential rivals fell by the wayside - portraying herself as a steady pair of hands who would deliver the will of the people and take Britain out of the EU in as orderly a fashion as possible.
That image was called into question by some when she announced a snap general election, after previously insisting she did not want to go to the country before she had to, in 2020, to avoid unnecessary instability.
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Out meeting - and eating with - the people
Her reasoning for the snap poll - that she wanted to strengthen her hand in Brexit negotiations - was attacked by critics on the left as a divisive move, designed to stifle legitimate criticism and paint anyone who disagreed with her approach to talks with Brussels as a "Brexit wrecker".
But her tub-thumping vows to "fight for Britain" have gone down a storm with the right-wing press, who have embraced her in a way that they never did Mr Cameron, whom they tended to see as a privileged member of the "Metropolitan elite".
Who is Theresa May?

Media captionA look at Theresa May's journey to the top job
Date of birth: 1 October 1956 (aged 60)
Job: MP for Maidenhead since 1997. Home Secretary since May 2010
Education: Mainly state-educated at Wheatley Park Comprehensive School with a brief time at an independent school; St Hugh's College, Oxford
Family: Married to Philip May
Hobbies: Cooking - she says she owns 100 recipe books. Occasional mountain walks. On BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs in 2014, she chose Abba's Dancing Queen and Walk Like A Man, from the musical Jersey Boys, among her picks, alongside Mozart and Elgar. She chose a subscription to Vogue as her luxury item, reflecting her lifelong love of high fashion.
The daughter of a Church of England vicar, Hubert, who died from injuries sustained in a car crash when she was 25, Mrs May said her father had taught her to "take people as you find them" and "treat everyone equally".
Born in Eastbourne, East Sussex, but raised largely in Oxfordshire, she attended a state primary, an independent convent school and then a grammar school in the village of Wheatley, which became the Wheatley Park Comprehensive School during her time there.
The young Theresa Brasier, as she was then, threw herself into village life, taking part in a pantomime that was produced by her father and working in the bakery on Saturdays to earn pocket money.
She has described growing up in a vicarage as "different" but useful because "you get to meet a whole range of people from all types of background".
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Theresa May married her husband Philip in 1980
Friends recall a tall, fashion-conscious young woman who, from an early age, spoke of her ambition to be the first woman prime minister.
Like Margaret Thatch