Sky News Update - Shoking As Woman Assault Man

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Woman assaults man over unpaid debt. 
Garissa residents have been left in shock after a woman was filmed assaulting a man for allegedly refusing to pay a debt of Sh200.
In the video that is doing rounds online, the woman is seen unleashing slaps, blows and kicks on the man who evidently looks drunk.
The annoyed lady beats up the man against the wall with kicks without the intervention of onlookers who instead film the scene.
The helpless man lied down with his shirt unbuttoned and trousers covered in dirt as he received the beating from the woman who constantly demanded for her money.
Garissa residents who saw the video were angered by the fact that despite the abuse which is illegal, the lady was still walking free.
The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has however launched a manhunt for the woman and called on members of the public to provide details that might lead to the arrest of the woman.
“Calling on the public to provide details of this incident that is, perpetrator, location and date to inform appropriate action by the Office of Public Prosecution, DPP,” said the DPP in a tweet.
Here are reactions from Garissa residents on social media:
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