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Hey Guys,

Olaj Arel and her little one Ashia Katarina Victoria are the cutest literally! Even before giving birth, it was clear that Olaj couldn’t wait till she brought forth life and after giving birth its like she can’t have enough of her baby Ashia, so much so she opened an IG page for her daughter and share videos as well as images any chance she has.
Mothers always wish for a mini-me they can comfort, pamper and take care of. They want to love their little one and dress them up in the cutest pieces and Olaj Arel is definitely doing that, just check out how she matches with baby Ashia;
Hello World 
Awwwwwnnnn ❤ aren’t they cute? Well, if you are a new mum and you are seeking motivation then you have found yourself on the right post, Olaj and her cutie Victoria are everything. Their mummy and me style and patterns would gladen and motivate your heart.
Here’s a look at more smile worth mummy & me styles 😊…
Deep Love
Source: Instagram | @olajarel
Mummy and me styles are the cutest- take cue’s from Olaj and her little Ashia Katarina Victoria. What do you think of these looks, we would love to know. Tell us in the comment section below…
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